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Whilst most of our positions are within Europe, we do recruit for North America and are part of a global network of recruitment experts. We have helped many candidates start, boost and redirect their careers and life. Will you be our next?

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Alexandra Almeida

We offer international career opportunities for skilled professionals and multilingual specialists in Europe and Northern America. We recruit at many levels for the world’s leading brands and start-ups in various fields! Sign now and help us boost your career. 🙂

We help global companies with international recruitment, thanks to our local expertise and global network!

Case Study, International hire and relocation for BPO company

When one of the largest BPO companies, who is quite new on the European market, newly established themselves in Poland. 4C Career limited was hired to help build up its team across a range of different languages and specialisms.



  • Skills shortages

  • Languages gap (eg. nordic languages)

  • Technical competencies (experienced job categories – IT/eCommerce)

  • City attraction

  • Recruitment process

  • Post-recruitment talent management

  • Work-life balance (flexible hours, PT jobs

  • incentive packages, relocation support

  • Corporation Management (ER)



  • Setup skill and competency assessments including language tests

  • Creation of new local, national and international pipelines.

  • Creation of city introduction package, assistance with relocation and offering of an incentive package for domestic and international relocators.

  • Post recruitment care

  • Suggested student contracts for PT positions in Poland



    • All positions filled within the 8-week deadline, with an average lead time of 4 weeks.

    • No mismatches, proven by a 0% attrition rate in the first 2 months after hire.


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